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My designs are available for private purchase and licensing agreements. And I am available for collaborations.

If there is a design you would like customised, please get in touch. 

DesignerMim on Displate

You can now shop DesignerMim’s original designs as metal posters on Displate. I teamed up with Displate as I love their eco-conscious ethos.

For every poster sold, a tree is planted.

To date, Displate has planted over 16 million trees throughout Africa. How amazing is that?

By purchasing my designs on Displate you’re not only supporting an independent designer, but you’re also helping make the world just a little better. Thank you, you’re awesome!

Abstract Patterns

Displate Collection 1

A collection of posters created using abstract and organic shapes. Ranging from an abstract and stylised seaside holiday design, to a calming simple swirl, to a tessellation reminiscent of tiles. Take your pick, I’m sure you’ll love them.

Screenshot of DesignerMim's Shop of Abstract Patterns posters available on Displate

Patterns for Kids

Displate Collection 2

I designed these for kids… but they can be for kids of all ages. I see them for a kid’s bedroom or play area. Ranging from non-at-all-scary monsters, to sweet as pie sunshine faces, to adorable bunnies. They’re a fun and happy boost of colour and frivolity!

Inspired by Nature

Displate Collection 3

A variety of floral motifs in varying styles, patterns, and colours. And let’s not forget the adorable chubby little White Eye poster that’s always popular.

DesignerMimZA on Redbubble

DesignerMim’s original designs are on a multitude of items on Redbubble now too. I teamed up with Redbubble as I needed an online platform that was trusted and experienced with Print On Demand. 

I love the minimal wastage that goes along with POD sites. When a customer orders an item, only then is it made. So there’s no stock stored in warehouses.

You select what you want and it is made specifically for you.

How awesome is that?!

Plus, Redbubble has partnered with manufacturers and printers in multiple locations to reduce the carbon footprint of each item sold.

DesignerMim’s quirky and offbeat designs look awesome on their products! It’s exciting to see! I particularly love the backpacks. But don’t just take my word for it, go have a look for yourself.

You select what you want and it is made specifically for you.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s on Redbubble now. There are more many designs and a gazillion products in DesignerMimZA’s shop!

Friendly Ghosts Halloween Pattern

Cute & friendly ghosts & spiders that are totally not scary! Perfect for halloween and all year round! This colourful, fun, and super cute digital illustration was also created into a pattern for several items. Check it out!

Stylised Daisy Pattern

This design was created in celebration of the simple daisy. A sweet and stylised imperfect daisy pattern created by DesigernMim.

Cute Sun Lion Faces Pattern

A super cute pattern of suns or lion faces — which do you see? Created digitally by DesignerMim in her Cape Town studio.

DesignerMim with Orms

A collection of DesignerMim’s prints are now available for purchase from Orms. You may purchase them printed on beautiful natural textiles and wallpapers. They are all printed in-house, from their shop in Roeland Street, Cape Town.

The collection is designed for kids — of all ages.

My quirky and colourful designs are fabulous and add a happy boost to any space! But don’t just take my word for it, go have a look for yourself.

By purchasing my designs from Orms, you’re not only supporting an independent designer, but you’re also supporting the local manufacturing industry. Thank you, you’re awesome!

Textile & Wallpaper

Orms Collection 1

This is my first collection with Orms. It is a curated collection of 9 patterns aimed at children. They are all available for printing on textiles or wallpaper. Please contact Orms for any technical queries.

I offer customisation of all my designs. 
If you see something here that you love but you want it printed or made into something else, please let me know. 
I’d love to create something unique for you!
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