DesignerMim welcomes you oh-so warmly to my site! I’m a visual creative who specialises in surface pattern design, illustration, and graphic design.

Do you know what Surface Pattern Design is? Have you wondered how on earth to brief a designer? You’re in the right place 😉 

Surface Pattern Design | Illustration | Graphic Design by DesignerMim

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example of DesignerMim's surface pattern design

Surface Pattern Design

Surface Pattern Design is the art of creating repeating patterns destined for a variety of surfaces. The designs I create have a multitude of uses — from prints for dresses, upholstery, laptop covers... you name it! The beauty of surface design is it's incredible versatility!

example of DesignerMim's bold & colourful illustration style


My illustration style is bold, colourful, with an attention to detail. I usually create illustrations using a few photos to understand the essence of what or who I am capturing. Have a look at my portfolio to get an idea of what I've been creating lately.

example of custom label DesignerMim created for a client

Graphic Design

Having over 12 years designing packaging, labels, and logos. This has resulted in me having designed everything from underwear boxsets, to seasonal barcodes for fashion items, to bespoke labelling for a micro brewery. I have designed them all from concept to production.

Check out my Portfolio to see some of my recent work. Follow me on my social feed to keep updated! 

designermim's fun and colourful interpretation of greek evil eye turned into a surface design pattern

DesignerMim's Story

I have been interested in the arts since before I was born! My parents are both pretty creative and nurtured the budding artist in me from an early age. I went to after-school art classes when I was a kid and soon developed a massive love for getting my hands dirty! I realised, alas, that some fields were not for me (I am no potter 😂) but thankfully that didn’t deter me. After finishing high school I was unsure what I wanted to study, until I discovered a course called Surface Design. It was love at first sight! I was immediately hooked. I loved the idea (and I still do), that Surface Design can be applied to a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g with a surface. And not even so — it can be digital too! I’ve been working professionally as a designer for over 12 years now, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way!


smiling DesignerMim with happy dog visible over her shoulder, sitting in a car
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DesignerMim's dog looking alert dog on table mountain with long grass behind her

Meet the Team

The creative is Miriam and her manager is Lil Miss Josie. Josie monitors everything that goes on in the studio — she is highly observant and always wants to know what’s going on (read: velcro dog).

Josie ensures Miriam does not work too long by jumping up and pawing at her — a very effective (and sometimes annoying) method! Most days, however, the two share the studio in peace and quiet and get along very well.

The duo can frequently be seen outdoors together, with Miss Josie always leading the way. If you see them, say hi! 

If you want to know more about how DesignerMim got started, head this way.

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