My Handy Briefing Tips

Here are my tips to guide you through my process and help you understand how my briefing process works.

Firstly, which service do you need?

example of DesignerMim's surface pattern design

Surface Pattern Design

My definition is that Surface Pattern Design is the art of creating repeating patterns destined for a variety of surfaces. For instance home textiles, wallpaper, clothing, stationery, floor coverings. Surface Pattern Design can be used for anything with a surface that you would like to decorate and make a little more visually appealing. A little mind-blowing, right? I love the idea that a pattern I design can be used for a child’s bedding, a wallpaper, a lampshade, and even their favourite crockery! 

If you’d like to learn more about Surface Pattern Design, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions and I’ll try my best to answer you. Have a look at my recent work to see the variety of patterns I am currently creating.

example of DesignerMim's bold & colourful illustration style


I create illustrations based on a combinations of photos, what you tell me, and my imagination. I love trying to capture the essence of my subject matter, I need you to tell me why you want it illustrated and what it means to you.

If you have any favourite colours please let me know — my illustrations are sometimes fairly close to the original colours but I do enjoy playing around with colours and compositions to create original pieces. You need to tell me what you want.

If the illustration lends itself to having a pattern (in the background, inside an object etc) let me know what you’re into and I’ll try to incorporate it!

example of custom label DesignerMim created for a client

Graphic Design

I can help you design packaging, labelling and creating a logo. I love getting stuck into the technicalities of graphic design — from choosing the fonts, to palette, to materials used.

When I started out as a designer, my speciality was graphics. That was many moons ago and I’ve come a long was since then! 

With so many years of experience creating graphic design solutions, I am confident I will be able to assist you. If you’d like to hear more about what I’ve done previously, send me a mail detailing what you’re looking for. 

Secondly, how do I work?

My Process

The majority of my work is designed in a programme called Affinity Designer, however I am fully proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign as well. 

I like to fully understand what I need to create before I put pen to paper, so it’s best to have all relevant info from you, the client, upfront. Of course, it’s a creative process so there will be a little back and forth as we get to know each other and how we operate.

Once I have all the info I need, I get going a couple of rough sketches for concept purposes, then start experimenting digitally, and finally start the actual design. This can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks — it all depends on the size of the project, how much detail is needed, and how many changes are requested. 

Time is precious for everyone, so we need to work together and respect each other’s timelines. I’m a stickler for deadlines and love a happy customer!

Thirdly, my handy briefing tips

Be Clear About What You Want

If you already know exactly what you want and you just need DesignerMim to realise your dreams, please let me know. You need to please tell me exactly what you’re imagining (I’m not a mind reader!). 

Please be clear if you want certain items incorporated in the design. 

A favourite memento — send me a pic! 

A childhood toy — send me a pic! 

You know the tricky thing about telling someone what you see in the clouds? Well, trying to describe to me what you want without visual references is kinda similar. 

Be clear about what you want and give me pics so I can get to know you, your style, and what you envisage.

What to Include in Your Brief

Please let me know about: colours, objects, layout, scale, motif, text, end-use, aesthetic & mood (fun & energetic, colourful & bold, modern & minimalist etc). 

give me as much relevant info as possible in the briefing session - this will help me understand what you want quickly - resulting in a quicker turnaround time. Making it a win-win!

Saying all that, if you know kinda what you want I will be able to create an original illustration/pattern for you using the reference pics and my imagination!

Don't stress If you don't have all your ducks in a row and need some guidance, I know what I'm doing!

What are you waiting for?

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