December 2023 Update

My First News Feature

One small step at a time

Hello and happy end-of-year madness to you! Hopefully my serene Blue Cranes Flying pattern can help calm you down a little. 

I thought I would start writing my progress as an independent designer every now and then. It’s been a very busy year so I haven’t been around here much for ages. 

I want to keep this short and sweet (cos who’s got time for a long drawn out monologue these days?). 

So let’s get right to it:

Yesterday I received an email from a South African media outlet informing me that they had written an article about my Blue Cranes Flying pattern. To say that made my day is a bit of an understatement! They’re a reputable company called GoodThingsGuy who report on inspiring, uplifting and positive news. 

DesignerMim Crane Birds Flying Serene Tones Pattern
My Serene Blue Cranes Flying Pattern
DesignerMim Crane Birds Flying Serene Tones Bedroom Mockup
Blue Crane Birds Flying Serene Tones Bedroom Mockup

My process

The story behind my blue cranes design is quite simple. I am looking at anything that is iconically South African as my sources of inspiration. I am either drawing patterns or illustrations, depending what the subject matter lends itself to best. 

I wanted to create a serene and tranquil pattern suitable for wallpaper or home furnishings. I had the idea of blue crane birds flying and wanted to find out more about them as a species to deepen the meaning behind my design. 

This is when I came across an article by GTG about the blue crane and how they’re endangered species. I found this so sad as they are the national bird of South Africa. There are several organisations working to protect them and preserve their habitats, so there is hope. 

After reading some facts and figures and learning more about their behaviours – they can look ferocious protecting their young! – I drew a few versions and poses, digitised them and created a seamless pattern repeat. 


Screenshot of the article:

DesignerMim GTG Feature Dec 23
DesignerMim GTG Feature Dec 23

And that's a wrap!

I am available for contracts, freelancing, and commissions. 

If you’d like to be in contact you’re welcome to mail me, my contact details are below. 

I will write again sometime soon. 

Thanks for reading!

– Miriam. 

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