Advice for Creatives from Creatives

Picasso Quote

We all need a little help sometimes We all go through ups and downs. So I put together some quotes that can really help you. Are you having a bit of a creative block? Do you need some inspiration? Or motivation? If so, then keep scrolling down. This post is here to help you with […]

My Best DesignerMim Products to Buy Right Now

DesignerMim-Product-Backpack-Rainbow Doodle

My Favourite DesignerMim Products you can Buy Online. Now. I’ve put together my top 10 products for sale on Redbubble right now. For all the South Africans reading this, these items are for sale right now. Not now-now, or just now. However, for everybody else, these are my current favourite DesignerMim products you can buy […]

How to rediscover an old hobby

the rose I used as a muse to rediscover my hobby

Oh hello, and thank you for popping in! This week I’ll be discussing what I’m doing to keep things fresh. I’ve been wondering how to rediscover an old hobby that I loved so much: creating by hand. Let’s see how that went. As I’ve said before, the majority of my design work is created digitally. […]

Staying inspired and challenged as a freelance designer

Hand-lettering of William Irvine quote by DesignerMim in bright colours

Hola mi amigas y mi amigos! Hello and thanks for stopping by! I cannot believe another week has passed since I last wrote here. Trying to get my thoughts in order to write this week, I am at a loss as to where the time went! It’s pretty interesting having a set deadline to reflect […]

A week in the life of a Freelance Designer

Digital illustration by DesignerMim. Several different flowers and prices of fruit in an eclectic array of vases. On a lilac/periwinkle background.

Getting 2022 off to a good start! Hello! I’ve been wanting to start my blog for a while, and seeing it’s still January, and I had get this goal to get this off the ground before Feb, here goes nothing! So here is my first post: a week in the life of a Freelance Designer. […]