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We all need a little help sometimes

We all go through ups and downs. So I put together some quotes that can really help you. Are you having a bit of a creative block? Do you need some inspiration? Or motivation? If so, then keep scrolling down. This post is here to help you with Best Advice for Creatives from Creatives!

Did you enjoy these golden nuggets of wisdom? So maybe they’re not all golden nuggets but I do find them helpful nonetheless. Did these quotes help you? Or inspire you? Or motivate you? Do you have other advice for creatives from creatives to share that help you creatively or otherwise? Please do share in the comments below, or on my socials. I’d love to connect with you, so please get in touch.

Remember to have a laugh along the way!

Have you seen my post about jokes for creatives? If you haven’t yet, then grab a coffee (or tea) and enjoy! It’s a roundup of some silly jokes and memes I found on the internet. That are actually funny! If you enjoy it, please let me know. Also, if you have any others that are golden, please do share them with me!

I’m a socially awkward penguin

Ok. I have to put this in somewhere. I’m no natural marketer or seller. However, I am a work in progress! But for now, I have to be an awkward penguin and ask you: have you seen my shopping platforms? You can find them listed here. I’m current selling metal posters as well as clothing, accessories, and wall art.

As with much of what’s going on at DesignerMim at the moment, the list is a work in progress. So please do visit again to see all my new designs! I’ve been adding more designs to both platforms this week, and I must say that I do now have new favourites to last week! Isn’t that always the way?

Thanks for the visit!

I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. I’m just here to add some colour, some quirkiness, and a bit of playfulness to your day. That’s pretty much why I design the patterns and illustrations that I do. They’re an infusion of energy and hopefulness that I want to see in the world. Life is pretty hard sometimes. Correction; life is hard a lot of the time. And it can get a little lonely. So let’s help each other make it a little less hard, and a little less lonely. Who’s with me?

Bye for now,



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DesignerMim by Miriam Home » DesignerMim’s Creative Blog » Surface Pattern Design » Advice for Creatives from Creatives

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