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Let’s have some fun and get our geek on!

I’ve compiled a fun post for all the visual creatives out there who read this blog. Everyone knows laughter us super important for our overall wellbeing. I hope this post brings a little silliness to your day! Yes, these are jokes aimed at creative designers, but let me know if you’re not a designer and still found them funny! I’d love to know.

Following from last week’s post about how tough blogging can be, I thought let’s mix it up a bit and have some fun. Please let me know in the comments below what you think. Which is your favourite joke or meme?

After trawling the internet, these are my top 10 really funny jokes for creative designers.

My job is so hard sometimes, ahem. I spent a good chunk of my day on the net looking for jokes to entertain you. Tough life hey? To be honest, I needed a break, before I broke. I’m still unlearning old behaviours of work, work, work. So here is something for you to have a giggle over while having a coffee break before you break.

A colourful digital illustration by DesignerMim her trusty Moka Pot
Moka Pot, 2021 — a colourful digital Illustration by DesignerMim

Got your coffee? Let the entertainment commence!

In the past year, learning to setup and getting my site live has definitely had many moments like this!
This one is for every designer or creator everywhere. If this hasn’t happened to you I need to know your secret!
This is such an oldie, but a goodie!
What’s not to love about this ad? Comic Sans anyone?
Sure, you can do it fast. But should you?
This is for all the die hard Starke fans out there!
Spreading a little kindness, even with colour chips!
The realities of document colour settings made visual
So I guess I’m gonna be mummified! And you?

And last but not least, I laughed out loud when I saw this one.

Isn’t it always the way, whenever you think a big project is done something goes wrong!

Are you feeling better?

Did you enjoy that? Do you have any better ones? I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments below, or pop me a mail. Be honest, if you thought they weren’t worth your coffee break, tell me. I’m all ears and I’m keen to learn!

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DesignerMim Home » Blog of a Freelance Creative » Life of a Designer » Jokes for Creative Designers that are Actually Funny

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